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We share our passions for Environmental sciences and scuba diving to provide the best translation services possible

Environmental science

With a PhD in Chemistry of Atmospheric Pollution and Environemental Physics, I love sharing my knowledge and personnal interests in environmental science aquired while working on international projects

Scuba Diving

When the passion becomes too strong and life takes a sharp turn.
I became a professionnal scuba diving instructor in Mexico, with a strong passion in Cave diving and Technical diving and the Environment


To better serve you, I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best.
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When I am passionate about something I keep learning and building up skills and knowledge

Scuba diving
Scuba diving

Ocean - Reef - Scuba diving

Experimental science studies
Experimental science studies

Smog chambers - VOC - Kinetiks - Mechanism - Chemistry - Environment

Cave exploration
Cave exploration

A passion for witch I am slowly building up knowledge in geology, rope techniques, cave biology an more

Cave diving
Cave diving

Diving - Teaching - Learning
A fascinating world that I love evry day more and makes me want to always go further


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Bono - Surender

Book Description (Audiobook)

Narrated by the author, Surrender is an intimate, immersive listening experience, telling stories from Bono’s early days in Dublin to joining a band and playing sold-out stadiums worldwide with U2, plus his more than 20 years of activism. 

Throughout his remarkable life, music has always been a constant for Bono. In the audiobook, his distinctive voice is interwoven with a very personal soundtrack adding atmosphere and texture to every scene. From moments of classic U2 hits to snippets by The Clash, Patti Smith, Verdi, Johnny Cash, and Mozart, Surrender also exclusively features clips of newly recorded reimagined versions of U2 songs, including ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday,’ ‘With Or Without You,’ ‘One,’ ‘Beautiful Day’ and more, glimpsed for the first time on Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story.

About the author:

Bono—artist, activist, and the lead singer of Irish rock band U2—has written a memoir: honest and irreverent, intimate and profound, Surrender is the Story of the remarkable life he’s lived, the challenges he’s faced, and the friends and family who have shaped and sustained him.

Book review: What we think about Surrender

Like Bono’s lyrics, the writing is filled with beautiful passages, personal perspectives, and poignant experiences. While his ego comes through, and he acknowledges this, I was struck by his self-reflective and humble nature.

Bono structures the book uniquely, using a song title as a theme for each chapter and filling it with deep feelings, anecdotes, and stories from his life and the band’s past.

The man has experienced different phases of life in the public eye, and he reminds us that the truth behind it is often more intriguing. Moreover, he shows reflection, offering profound insights into what these stories mean for him and the people in his life.

You’ll find music and deep explorations of family relationships, politics, charity, business, Ireland, friendship, and reflections on life and success. It also touches on topics such as drug problems and more. This isn’t just the autobiography of a singer involved in worthy causes but a comprehensive exploration of an exceptional individual’s life.

The book follows his deep love and connection with his family, band, and God. His concept of God is one of activism, and he unapologetically uses his rock star status to make the world better. This doesn’t come off as condescending or preachy. He readily admits to mistakes, naivety, and manipulation by powerful political forces.

I enjoyed the book way more than I expected, especially in its audio version, narrated by the man himself. It gave me a glimpse into the man behind the public image, and I liked him even more. It also renewed my interest in U2’s music, as the book puts the 40 selected and referenced songs into the context of Bono and U2’s experiences and growth.

I did grow up with U2, but you don’t have to be a U2 fan to appreciate the book and Bono’s writing style, as it contains many personal struggles and initiatives he has undertaken. His style naturally evokes empathy from the reader.

The chapters fly by, keeping the reader engaged. I highly recommend “Surrender” to anyone who enjoys rock music or wants to read about a man who overcame obstacles in life. It also offers a glimpse into the sensitivity of a man who, alongside his wife, devotes significant time and effort to various causes.

The Midnight Man: A gripping new crime series (A Slayton Thriller Book 1)

Serial Killers, Occult Horror Fiction, Thriller, Mystery

Smiles meant nothing, they were like the jumpers you wore for school. You put them on because you had to.

Publisher’s Summary

‘I remember the day I died quite clearly.’

Blackhall Manor has witnessed many dark crimes, long before five teenage girls break in to play the Midnight Game. It was supposed to be a game, but only four girls come home.

Detective Sarah Noble has just returned to the force, and no one knows more about Blackhall Manor than her. Except perhaps Elliott Carter, who is only seven but has seen things in his dreams most adults could never imagine.

It’s a case that will bring them together and shake Sarah to her core. Will she be ready to meet the Midnight Man?

About the author: Caroline Mitchell

New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and International #1 Bestselling Author. Shortlisted by the International Thriller Awards for the best ebook 2017, the Killer Nashville Best Police Procedural 2018, and the Audie Awards 2022. Over 1.5 million books sold.

Caroline originates from Ireland and now lives in a village outside the city of Lincoln. A former police detective, she has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high-risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offenses. She now writes full-time.

Caroline writes psychological and crime thrillers. Her stand-alone thriller Silent Victim reached No.1 in the Amazon charts in the UK, USA, and Australia and won the Reader’s Favourite Awards in the psychological thriller category. It has been described as ‘brilliantly gripping and deliciously creepy.’

The first in her Amy Winter series, Truth And Lies, has been optioned for TV.

Book review

I was looking for an engaging thriller I could easily delve into and have a great time, and The Midnight Man had excellent reviews. The book began promisingly enough with a haunted house, a gruesome crime, and a gloomy detective returning to the office. The writing was well-crafted, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first half.

However, as the story progressed, it shifted into territory that was too much for my taste. It became increasingly implausible and unrealistic. A single group of people seemed to be at the center of every shocking event, and the sheer number of coincidences felt overwhelming.

Despite my skepticism, I decided to see it through to the end. It’s difficult for me to describe the specifics without spoiling it for others, but I must admit that I was left disappointed. When it comes to a good thriller, I personally prefer to have the opportunity to make educated guesses and play detective myself. Unfortunately, this book fell short of my expectations in that regard.

The midnight man was my first introduction to Carolin Mitchell’s writing. While she enjoys considerable popularity, I may give her another chance in the future but I’m not particularly inclined to prioritize reading another of her works and will not continue the series.

Flow: Living at the Peak of Your Abilities

By: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Ph.D.

Narrated by: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Ph.D.

Publisher’s Summary

In flow, everyday experience becomes a moment by moment opportunity for joy and self-fulfillment. Flow is the brain-child of a fascinating psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a renowned social scientist who has devoted his life’s work to the study of what makes people truly happy, satisfied and fulfilled. While much of the study of psychology investigates disorders of the human mind, Dr. Csikszentmihalyi takes a different route. He focuses on the noble side of human nature, our capacity for living a life of integrity, courage, and perseverance. With his landmark research on flow, he reveals what he considers beautiful in life, ways of being and behaving that make people happy, satisfied and delighted to be alive. His insights into the “flow experience” show ways to lessen stress, fear and anxiety while increasing feelings of challenge, joy and excitement. The revolutionary findings of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Experience Sampling Method offer unprecedented information about the specific ways we can turn life into a continuous high quality experience. You’ll discover how anyone can enrich his or her quality of life simply by learning how flow occurs and what it feels like. You’ll learn about the key elements of the flow experience including:

  • why it is important to know what you want to do in any given moment
  • specific activities you can do that produce flow easily and naturally
  • how to improve your experience of work so you feel in control and rewarded by it
  • keys to harnessing the power of concentration
  • the difference between pleasure and enjoyment (only one leads to personal growth)
  • how to match challenges with skills to avoid boredom and frustration and maximize enjoyment

Once you experience the exhilaration of the “flow” state of being, you’ll want to return again and again.

The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. Optimal experience is thus something that we make happen.

About the author:

Mihaly Robert Csikszentmihalyi, (1934-2021), was a Hungarian-American psychologist who made significant contributions to the field. He is well-known for his identification and naming of the psychological phenomenon known as “flow,” which refers to a highly focused mental state that promotes productivity.


This audiobook presents an excerpt from the author’s life’s work, delivered in a manner that can be easily understood by the average reader. It offers practical solutions to everyday problems, providing valuable insights.

The book offers valuable guidance on the principles it promotes: discovering activities that bring you joy and pushing yourself to explore your skills and purpose. These keys are instrumental in personal growth and fulfillment.

Motivational speeches and books are currently popular, and while I have come across a few good ones that offered helpful tips, many of them seem more focused on making money rather than providing genuine personal support.

A common piece of advice found in self-development books I’ve read or listened to is to minimize distractions like excessive email and phone checking. Ironically, to emphasize this point, authors often urge readers to visit their websites, subscribe to newsletters, sign up for “free” extra content, and download PDFs, unintentionally creating the very distractions they advise against. This audiobook, however, avoids such side distractions, making it more valuable compared to others. It allows you to immerse yourself in the content and experience a state of flow while listening or reading.

Unlike many listeners, I genuinely enjoyed the narrator’s voice. It felt like an intimate conversation by a comforting fireplace, reminiscent of a wise grandfather sharing his life experiences and knowledge. The absence of overly enthusiastic pep talks was refreshing.

In conclusion, I found this audiobook to be brilliant and highly recommend it.